Powder Coating Colors

Our powder coat services come in a wide variety of colors. The examples below are a rough example of the color options we can produce. If your interested in a specific color, please contact us.


Tap or click the swatches to check out a color demonstration!

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We’re Your One Stop Powder Coating Shop!

Cleaning The Powder Coating Racks Original Image Taken by Bill Franz http://billfranz.smugmug.com/Art

About Our Powder Coating Process

Quality powder coating requires an excellent cleaning system. We use Henkel’s Bonderite® M-NT 1 phosphate-free reactive conversion coating especially formulated for use in the treatment of steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces. Our systems are capable of handling a wide variety of parts and quantities, ranging from single items to high volume production parts.

Our powder coat systems feature a continuous chain conveyor that has variable speeds of 2ft. – 8ft. per minute. This ensures that the parts reach correct temperatures for high quality powder coating results.

Cleaning The Powder Coating Racks Original Image Taken by Bill Franz http://billfranz.smugmug.com/Art

Sand Blasting


A&E POWDER COATING is pleased to announce that we have added Sand Blasting to our expanded capabilities. Our sand blasting/media blasting not only removes rust and surface contaminates, but also gives the metal a fine texture that allows the primer or powder to adhere to the metal for even more strength. A&E can now deliver the surface preparation you desire and need for your finishing process.

Our state of the art blasting booth is 10’ x 10’ x 14’ so no job is too large or small for A&E to tackle. All of our Sand Blasting Services will be performed by trained personnel in our large environmentally controlled facility featuring proper dust collection and disposal procedures.

Powder Coating Part Specifications


A&E Powder Coating uses two powder coating lines to run our productions. We also offer masking and plugging services on top of our Powder Coating services. We use a burn off oven to clean our hangers to ensure your product the highest quality and color consistency. 

Line 1
Line 2
Part Profile6' High x 2.5ft. Wide x 8ft. Long3ft. High x 2.5ft. Wide x 8ft. Long
Pre-treatment5-Stage Bondrite NT-1 Spray System5-Stage Bondrite NT-1 Spray System
Powder Booth1 Booth with 2 ITW Gema OptiFlex powder guns1 Nordson N500 Booth with 2 ITW Gema OptiFlex powder guns
1 TFG Down Draft Reclaim Booth with 2 ITW Gema OptiFlex powder guns
OvensRapid Industries

Dry off oven 30ft. Long x 7ft. Wide 350 degree maximum

Cure oven 65ft. Long x 12ft. Wide 450 degree maximum
Rapid Industries

Dry off oven 30ft. Long x 7ft. Wide 350 degree maximum

Cure oven 65ft. Long x 12ft. Wide 450 degree maximum 

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Powder Coating Textures

Whether you’re in need of a high gloss smooth finish, or a coarse texture finish we can make it happen.

Flat Orange Powder Coat


Flat Orange Powder Coat


Flat Powder Coat Texture

Semi Gloss

High Gloss Orange Powder Coat

High Gloss

Orange Textured Example A&E Powder Coating


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