Reasons to Consider Industrial Powder Coating

As a manufacturer, there are various methods to consider when finishing your products.
Powder coating, liquid paint, plating and the list goes on.
Industrial Powder Coating is vastly becoming a primary solution because of the following benefits.

1. Fast and Effective Industrial Powder Coating

Companies now utilize coordinated conveyor systems that help them to powder coat more efficiently. Professional finishers have advanced technology to create multi-stage washing, cleaning, and sandblasting for surface preparation. This cleans the surface by eliminating the oil, grease, and dirt that may prevent the powder coat from adhering. The spray booths capture all the overspray and allow for quick color changes. Overall, this process is quick, effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly compared to the traditional liquid coating!

2. Long-Lasting & Durable

Powder coating lasts much longer than other finishing methods due to the materials used for the coating, as well as our cleaning and coating method. The materials used in the coating include resin, tints, curing agents, extenders, fillers, as well as a curing agent. These materials are combined to create a fine powder that is then electrostatically sprayed onto the surfaces that need to be coated. Once the powder is evenly applied to the surfaces, the parts are baked in an industrial oven until the coating is fully cured. This guarantees a top- quality, professional and durable finish to the product that can withstand cracking, chipping, peeling, abrasion, and rust in normal situations.

3. More Bang for Your Buck

Another reason to consider powder coating products is because while powder coating may cost more in comparison to liquid coating, the benefits far outweigh the added costs in the long run. Powder coating services are a great deal, in that they add value to your products with their decorative and protective finishes — customers are drawn to beautiful products. Powder coating, helps sell a majority of your metal products that need to be finished and well protected. 

4. Great for the Environment

In addition, powder coating does not require solvents. Therefore, the coating process does not emit Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which may cause harm to the people working, as well as to the environment. You may ask yourself, “Should I get my product powder coated?” The answer is “Yes” because you are keeping the environment clean when you choose our powder coating products. You will keep the environment safe from harmful VOCs that are in liquid coatings. In addition, this powder coating process allows excess powder to be collected and used for other purposes. This helps reduce harmful waste into the environment and allows up to 90% of the powder coating to be used efficiently. 

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