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A&E Industrial Powder Coating is a full service Industrial Powder Coating company in Springfield, Ohio that has been in operation since 2001. We give you and your product the personal attention and care you deserve while providing you with the highest quality powder coating finish

Why Consider
Industrial Powder Coating

As a manufacturer, there are various methods to consider when finishing your products. Powder coating, liquid paint, plating and the list goes on. Industrial Powder Coating is vastly becoming a primary solution because of the following benefits. More advantages…

1. Fast and Effective 

Powder coating is quick, efficient, effective
and environmentally friendly.


2. Long-Lasting

Using the finest materials available, along with our cleaning and coating processes, you can always count on high quality finishes that will withstand cracking, peeling, rust, chipping and abrasion under normal circumstances.

3. More Bang

The many benefits of powder coating outweigh any
added costs. The value added finishes and durability for your
product will be well worth any additional costs.

4. Environment

Powder coating does not use any harmful solvents, which means no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are released into the environment making it much safer for the environment,
and all of us.

Learn About Industrial Powder Coating

Powder Coated finishes are an advanced method of applying a protective paint finish to a wide range of materials and products. This process is useful to both industries and consumers.

Industrial Powder Coating | Powder coated protection

Color Variety

Many colors to choose from.

Inside the Cleaning Station

Henkel’s Bonderite®

M-NT 1 conversion coating

Textured Black Powder Coat

Textured Finishes

Different texture possibilities.

Quality Powder Coating Services

We use Henkel’s Bonderite® pretreatment to produce excellent quality powder coating finishes. Our goal is to be the right solution for your powder coat needs instead of the most available.

"Why We Chose A&E..."

“We had checked on the possibility of using powder coating on our parts before being contacted by A&E, but were told that our quantities were too small to be considered or the cost was too high compared to spray painting the parts ourselves. A&E will do any quantity, and if the color is their standard color, the cost is comparable to the cost of spray painting the part.”

Clark County Truck Modification Company

"Fantastic Turn-Around"

“I do appreciate the fantastic turn-around on all the parts we send A&E.  Because of this, we have been in a good position with our assembly and able to complete orders on time.”

Jim, Local Contract Manufacturing Company

"Thank you A&E!"

“You truly understand customer service.”

In appreciation… Ohio metal fabrication plant manager.

"As always, you guys are the greatest!!!"

Metal Fabrication Company, Columbus, OH

"Thank You for all of your support!"

“You and your crew always manage to pull us out of the fire.  I greatly appreciate the job you all do.”

Local Spring Manufacturer

"Thank you again for all of your efforts!"

“Thank you to you and all at A&E for getting parts turned around for us. We should receive today what you shipped on Friday and meet our demand for shipment to our customer today.”

“Thank you again for all of your efforts. We would not have been able to do this with our previous supplier.”

Head Buyer, Columbus Metal Stamping/Fabrication Company

Wow! You guys are AMAZING!!!

Thank you so much!

Terri, Purchasing for a sound/noise control company


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